Best Price Guarantee 

We believe a great price is part of great service. We'll match the price - local or online!

Our goal is to always have the best price available so we can be your one stop shop. If you find the same item for less we will happily match the price, or if you already bought the item from us, refund you the difference for up to 30 days from the date of original purchase. Want to save time? Let us shop for you. Just ask, and we'll do a quick online search for you to see if we can find a better price. 


Item for Price Match must be the exact same item, including size, color, model year, condition and warranty. Item must be in stock and available for purchase at a lower price at the time of price match request, at an authorized Canadian dealer of that product in Canada. Where applicable, shipping and handling costs may be included to determine final price. We must be able to verify price with the original copy of a current valid ad (within 30 days) or website link to such a valid ad. We reserve the right to not match items that are below our cost. Other offers or purchases, such as No Interest Financing, discount coupons, club or membership pricing, gift with purchase, free merchandise, package prices, etc cannot be combined with and are not eligible for price match. Price match is available for up to 30 days from date of original purchase with copy of receipt.


In-store: Bring in an ad or the website link for the item in question

Online: Email the website link for the offer to your favourite bsp location