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Wahoo Fitness Trainers

Wahoo Fitness Kickr Power Trainer
The Kickr Power Trainer from Wahoo Fitness takes y...
Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP Bike Trainer
When the skies open and conspire to spit on a soli...
Wahoo Fitness Tickr X Heart-Rate Sensor
Train Free, Train Perfect with the Wahoo Tickr X. ...

CycleOps Trainers

CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer
The Hammer Direct Drive Trainer redefines indoor t...
CycleOps Magnus Indoor Trainer
Saddle up and prepare to workout the way you want,...
CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Training Kit
CycleOps’ SuperMagneto Pro Training Kit offers smo...
CycleOps Fluid2 Power Trainer Kit
Never miss a workout due to weather or time constr...
CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer Kit
CycleOps’ JetFluid Pro Trainer Kit is your secret ...
CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer Kit
Find fitness with CycleOps' Fluid2 Trainer Kit. Th...
CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro
CycleOps’ SuperMagneto Pro Trainer offers smooth r...
CycleOps Aluminum Rollers with Resistance
Feel the smooth precision of the lathe-turned-alum...
CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer
CycleOps' Fluid2 Trainer utilizes Power Band techn...

Tacx Trainers

Tacx Neo Smart
The NEO Smart offers the best in power and intelli...
Tacx Vortex Smart
The Vortex is an interactive Smart trainer with an...

Kinetic Trainers

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer
Kurt Kinetic’s Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Tr...
Kinetic Pro Flywheel
If you're really serious about your trai...
Kinetic Trainer Bag
Protect your fine Kurt Kinetic trainer a...
Kinetic Turntable Riser Ring
Get the natural feel of riding outside w...
Kinetic Small Wheel Adapter
Kurt's Small Wheel Adapter attaches to y...
Kinetic Riser Ring
Kinetic's Riser Ring lets you level your...

Indoor Trainers: The Basics

From simple magnetic resistance and wind trainers to the latest SMART trainers creating virtual rides and races that let you to train on your favourite course, race friends and track your progress.

SMART trainers link with your phone, laptop, PC, TV or other bluetooth- enabled device letting you choose from hundreds of different rides. Ride a stage in the Tour de France, the Sea to Sky to Whistler or a scenic ride through wine country, the trainer puts you on the road, creating not only the scene but also the pull of a hill and the speed on the descent so you get a realistic and motivating workout. Link with friends in the same room or across town to train or race together and monitor your progress.

Ready to take your indoor training to the nextl level? Visit us at any BSP location and stop by our fully-equiped ZWIFT and ROUVY demo centers to experience one today. We'll make sure to find the right trainer for you.

Visit these links to learn more about some of the most popular training programs included in a free trial program with many of our trainers.