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Y O U   R I D E,  W E   T E A C H.

Bicycle Sports Pacific hosts clinics for riders that aim to maintain their rides to utmost standards. These clinics provide you with an in-depth education and hands-on experience, giving you the skills to overcome any obstacle in your path. 

The Clinics are location specific.

flat fix clinic


Rollin' Flat Fix Clinic is a comprehensive session designed to empower you with the skills needed to handle flat tubes and tires, hosted by BSP.

Join us at Rollin’ where we equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to handle flat tires and keep you Rollin' with ease and confidence on every ride!

Book your spot for Rollin' today! The trails are calling.

Date: TBA

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maintenance clinic


Get ready to take control of your bike's performance like never before with Powertrain, the ultimate bicycle maintenance clinic, hosted by BSP.

Join us at Powertrain Maintenance Clinic and embark on a personalized journey to become a drivetrain maestro. Our experienced team will guide you step by step, sharing insider tips and tricks to keep your bike's heart - the drivetrain - in pristine condition and no more relying on others for basic maintenance.

Date: TBA

tubeless clinic


With tubeless being the new norm for performance road, mountain and gravel bikes, we are here to present an opportunity to everyone to join the revolution. 

Join us and learn the best techniques for tubeless set up to enhance your ride and take your maintenance skills to next level

Date: TBA


Bring your own bike and tons of enthusiasm.

Exclusive package deals will be offered.

Certificate will be issued. 

The Clinics are currently being offered at our Langley location only.

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