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Bike Service & Repair

All bikes need to be maintained in a good and Safe operating condition to ensure best performance. After a particular amount of riding time your bike will need adjustments, and thereafter a service. 

Make sure your bike is ready to ride.

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*We try to provide you the fastest turn around time, however parts availability & unforeseen circumstances may increase time lines.

We are a proud provider of Neutral Tech Support for Applewood Valley GranfondoCypress ChallengeTour de Cure, and Tour de Concord

Explore Our Service Packages

Our Service Packages have been developed from technical aspects and rider experiences. This ensures your bike gets exactly the service it needs, giving you the best possible ride experience. 

Our services are categorized into 4 different Packages tailored to suit the type of service your bike may need.

Please visit any of our three convenient locations , book online or call today to schedule your next tune-up!

Safety Inspection

is a "Peace of Mind" Inspection confirming everything is secured  in its place and in working condition only.  No repairs are done


(Excludes Parts & Supplies)

Visual inspection of frame, fork & wheels 

Inspect correctness of install of components

Inspect the chain for wear

Inspect & Torque all Bolts, fasteners and QR

Inflate tires to recommended pressure

Printed Inspection Report  with recommendations

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Basic Tune


Recommended every 25 hours of riding to maintain your current ride experience


(Excludes Parts & Supplies)

Includes Safety Inspection   


Clean Bike

Adjust Headset

Align & Adjust Brakes

Align & Adjust Shifting

Wipe & Lube Chain (on bike)

Inspect Bottom Bracket (cranks on)

Adjust Wheel Bearings

Test Ride, & Final Inspection

Recommend to  add

New brake pads, cables & housing (parts & labour extra)

* Price may vary for E-Bikes

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Comprehensive Service  


Recommended every 50 hours of riding to have a better ride experience


(Excludes Parts & Supplies)

Includes Basic Tune


Remove & Deep Clean all Drivetrain components

Re- install & Setup of cleaned components or new Chain & Cassette

Inspect Bottom Bracket (cranks off)

True Wheels - Lateral and Vertical

Apply Frame Polish & Protectant

Test Ride, & Final Inspection

Recommend to add

tires or tubeless set up (parts & labour extra)

* Price may vary for E-Bikes

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Overhaul Service

Recommended every 100+ hours of riding to have a "feels like a new bike " ride experience


(Excludes Parts & Supplies) 

Includes Comprehensive Service


Disassembly of Bike down to Bare Frame

Deep clean of all parts

Overhaul and Replace all Bearing Systems

Bleed Hydraulic Brakes

Replace all Cables and Housing

Re-assemble entire Bike and Lube all Parts

Test Ride, & Final Inspection

Recommend to add

New Bar tape / grips, saddle & pedals (parts & labour extra)

* Price may vary for E-Bikes and bikes with suspension 

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