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Park Tool Professional Cable And Housing Cutter
$59.39 $65.99 10% Off
Park’s Professional Cable And Housing Cutter is specifically for use on derailleur and brake cables and housing. It even makes quick work of hard-to-cut shift-cable housing. Its cold-forged, heat-treated-steel handles won't bend and its precision-ground jaws cut perfectly every time. Its dual-density molded grips are specially contoured for superior comfort and control. Plus, there’s a built-in cable-end crimper and a forming hole for reforming housing ends.
Bontrager Pro Flat Pack
$55.99 $69.99 20% Off
A compact, efficient way to hold flat fixing essentials so you can get back on the bike quickly. The Pro Flat Pack has everything you need to fix a flat and get back on the bike quickly in an aero, easy to grab package. This all-in-one kit provides essential items needed to fix a flat tire with additional pockets for money and ID, plus extra soft, padded materials to ensure you won't be bothered by the poke of a tool while it's stashed in your back pocket. - Tight fitting, stretch neoprene material zips open for easy access - All the items you need to fix a flat tire - Includes Air Rush Elite, CO2‚ inflator, two 16g CO2‚ cartridges, and a padded bag - Reusable hand insulation sleeve, vulcanizing patch kit - Room in the bag for ID, money, keys, and more
Jagwire Pro DOT Bleed Kit
$45.00 $91.99 51% Off
Jagwire's Pro DOT Bleed Kit comes with the right fittings to bleed Avid, Formula, Hayes and Hope hydraulic-disc brakes for optimum braking performance. You can buy it with or without Finish Line DOT brake fluid.
Park Tool Pedal Wrench
$44.99 $49.99 10% Off
Made from tough steel and reinforced with extra material at the highly stressed wrench openings, Park’s shop-quality Pedal Wrench is built to easily install and remove pedals, and to last and last. It has 15mm and 9/16-inch precision openings to fit all pedals. And it boasts a long, round, vinyl-coated handle that won’t dig into your hand and provides optimum leverage. There's even a hole in the end of the wrench for hanging it on your toolboard.
Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Scrubber
$43.19 $47.99 10% Off
Cleans bicycle chain quickly, easily, and effectively — without the hassle and mess of removing the chain from the bike. The Cyclone uses a large solvent reservoir, hundreds of rotating bristles, and a two-step cleaning process to get chains really clean, improve shifting performance, and extend the life of the chain and other expensive drivetrain parts. - Works with all multi-speed bikes (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-speed) as well as some single-speed models and e-bikes - Strong magnet at the bottom of the fluid reservoir holds metallic particles scrubbed from the chain - Special wicking sponge draws solvent from the chain as it exits, minimizing drips and mess - Sturdy handle makes the Cyclone easy to use and control - Holds 2 fluid ounces (59ml) of solvent
Bicycle Sports Pacific Powertrain - Maintenance Clinic
Powertrain Maintenance Clinic. Get ready to take control of your bike's performance like never before with Powertrain, the ultimate bicycle maintenance clinic hosted by BSP. Join us at Powertrain Maintenance Clinic and embark on a personalized journey to become a drivetrain maestro. Our experienced team will guide you step by step, sharing insider tips and tricks to keep your bike's heart - the drivetrain - in pristine condition and no more relying on others for basic maintenance Whether you're a curious beginner or an avid cyclist seeking to deepen your mechanical expertise, Powertrain Clinic is the place to be. Book your spot for Powertrain today and save your spot! Your drivetrain awaits its transformation! PS: Exclusive Deals will be available to all participants after the clinic. Date: Dec 9th, 2023 Time: 10am - 11am Location: BSP Langley Store. 108-19289 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC - V3S6K1
Bicycle Sports Pacific Rollin' - Flat Fix Clinic
Rollin' Flat Fix Clinic is a comprehensive session designed to empower you with the skills needed to handle flat tubes and tires, hosted by BSP. Join us at Rollin’ where we equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to handle flat tires and keep you Rollin' with ease and confidence on every ride! Book your spot for Rollin' today! The trails are calling. PS: Exclusive Deals will be available to all participants after the clinic. Date: Dec 2nd, 2023 Time: 10am - 11am Location: BSP Langley Store. 108-19289 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC - V3S6K1
Bicycle Sports Pacific Tubeless Clinic
With tubeless being the new norm for performance road, mountain, and gravel bikes, we are here to present an opportunity for everyone to join the revolution. Join us and learn the best techniques for tubeless setup to enhance your ride and take your maintenance skills to the next level Date: Dec 11th, 2023 Time: 12pm - 1pm Location: BSP North Vancouver Store. 1359 Main Street North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C4
Blackburn Switch Multi-Tool
$28.79 $31.99 10% Off
Pocket Power Hit the road or trail carrying everything you need for basic repairs or adjustments in one handy, compact case. This tiny yet super functional kit includes T25 and T30 torx bits, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm Allen bits and a flathead screwdriver. Individual T- or l-handle tools let you access tight places and give you more leverage on bolts and screws. - 8 functions - Includes T or L handle wrenches. - Tool bits include: T25, T30, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and a flathead. - Pocket sized nylon carrying pouch includes a stash for your I.D., credit card and cash. - 0.30Lbs
Muc-Off Carbon Gripper Assembly Compound
$26.99 $29.99 10% Off
Highly efficient carbon fibre assembly compound designed to prevent over-tightening and create a secure coupling between surfaces Carbon Gripper creates friction between carbon fibre clamping areas and lowers clamping torque without causing fatigue or internal fractures or shortening component life 75g
Park Tool CC-4 Chain Checker
$25.19 $27.99 10% Off
The CC-4 is a drop-in style gauge that measures bicycle chain wear. The laser cut CC-4 accurately measures a long section of chain and strategically comes in contact with the chain in three places, quickly and easily taking the guesswork out of knowing when chain replacement is necessary. A worn chain will cause poor shifting as well as accelerate drivetrain wear. The tool works on any 5 to 12-speed derailleur chain (including SRAM AXS) and is designed to accurately indicate when a chain reaches .5% and .75% wear, the points at which most chain manufacturers suggest replacement.
Blackburn Switch Wrap Bag
$25.00 $59.99 58% Off
Customize the Switch Wrap Bag and load it up with your favorite tools. - Compact design—despite its near-limitless functionality, the big switch ratchet tool (sold separately) fits compactly in your hand thanks to a well-thought-out modular design allowing for leverage within the confines of a portable nylon wallet. - Customizable—wrap almost anything you need and take it with you. - Features specific sleeves for an inner tube, a 20g C02 cartridge, 2 tire levers, credit cards, and cash (sold separately) - Weight: 3.52oz - Lifetime warranty
Park Tool Self-Extracting Crank Cap Tool
$20.69 $22.99 10% Off
The BBT-16 removes and installs the self-extracting/one-key release caps on SRAM and RaceFace cranks with a 16mm hex hole. Features investment cast steel construction and an option to use 8mm hex for better leverage.
Park Tool AWS-1 3-Way Hex Wrench - 4mm/5mm/6mm
$18.89 $20.99 10% Off
Park Tool introduced the bicycle world to the 3-way hex wrench set over 30 years ago. Our 3-way wrenches fit perfectly in the palm of the hand and provide excellent leverage, making them a favorite of countless shop mechanics worldwide. AWS-1 FEATURES - 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm hex set - Wrenches made from industrial tool steel, through hardened and tempered for long life - Chamfered tips for a perfect fit
Park Tool TWS-3 3-Way Torx Compatible Wrench - T10/T25/T30
$17.09 $18.99 10% Off
Three of the most common Torx compatible wrench sizes in our classic 3-way design. The TWS-3 is useful for disc rotor bolts (T25), chainring bolts (T30), and hydraulic brake work (T10). TWS-3 FEATURES - T10, T25 and T30 Torx compatible set - Wrenches made from industrial tool steel, through hardened and tempered for long life
Park Tool Valve Core Tool
$17.09 $18.99 10% Off
Park's Valve Core Tool is great for tightening, removing and installing Schrader and Presta valve cores (the cores are inside the valve), and also Presta valve extenders that have 5mm wrench flats. It's a handy tool to save a tube when all that's wrong is a broken valve, and it also lets you remove valves to easily insert sealant.
Park Tool Folding Hex Wrench Set (1.5-6mm)
$16.19 $17.99 10% Off
Park's Hex Wrench Set offers all the popular Allen wrenches (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm) in a convenient fold-up unit. The tool tips are chamfered for a positive grip and the one-piece fiber-reinforced-resin handle is light, comfortable, slip resistant and 40% stronger than steel.
Stan's No Tubes 2oz Tire Sealant Injector
$14.39 $15.99 10% Off
Stan's 2oz Tire Sealant Injector measures the desired amount of sealant then attaches to your valve stem for easy, no-mess application. And, it works on Presta and Schrader valves!
Park Tool Spoke Wrench
$10.99 - $13.49 $10.99 - $14.99 Up to 10% Off
Park's professional-quality, precision-sized spoke wrenches are hardened and chrome plated for long service. Wrenches are vinyl coated in one of four colors indicating the size at a glance. You will find these wrenches in virtually every professional bike shop and every shop mechanic's personal tool stash. Make sure you have the sizes you need in your home toolbox and bike bag.
BBB ConeFix Cone Wrench
$8.09 $8.99 10% Off
Blackburn Plugger Tubeless Repair Replacement Tire Plugs
$7.64 $8.49 10% Off
This item contains 10 replacement plugs for the Blackburn Plugger Tubeless tool (sold separately), a one-shot tire plugging system for tubeless tires. It deploys in seconds to give a permanent fix for your flat.
Super B Chainring Nut Wrench TB-6715
$3.99 $4.99 20% Off
- Double-ended economical chainring nut wrench is used to tighten or loosen chainring nuts and securely holds the slotted nut to prevent spinning. - Fit most slotted-type nuts. - Includes box wrench 9 mm and 10 mm.
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